Our mission: To provide the necessary tools, required to build a social and responsive enterprise

We develop these vital communication and collaboration solutions, allowing organisations to become more agile, more effective and more transparent.

Some millstones throughout our history:

talkspirit history

2004 - blogSpirit

The year that blogSpirit came to existence; a platform that enabled both professional and private individuals to create, host and maintain personalised blogs within the blink of an eye. blogSpirit was a white labelling service, primarily destined for the somewhat bigger brands and media firms. As of today, blogSpirit is still powering diverse blogs published by large media firms and journalists.

2008 - blogSpirit & talkspirit

The year that ‘social’ started to play an ever-growing role of importance across the workplace. We therefore singlehandedly developed the first Enterprise Social Network, commonly known as talkspirit. At the time, talkspirit served as a conversational platform destined for large organisations, mainly used to run various community projects.

2011 -The company changes its name

The year that we adopted a different strategy, placing all our focus on our flagship product ‘talkspirit’. At the same time, it was also the year that we officially launched a new, improved version of our enterprise social network. We called it the version 2, and it was bigger, better and stronger than ever before. It was equipped with a new interface, more features, and was eventually even ranked as one of the top solutions in France.


The year that the version two acquired over a hundred different clients of great importance. At the same time, we also obtained a better understanding of the ever-changing needs, wishes and desires in this particular world of collaboration. In that event, we decided to change the game, by making the version two accessible for the public at large. This crucial change took place one year later in 2015; where after over thousands of organisations had already joined.