Top 13 of the best collaborative platforms for companies.


Your employees are flooded by emails? Are you looking for a solution to modernise your internal communication? You want to better connect your employees and speed up their exchanges? Your company needs an innovative solution to make communication and collaborative work more fluid? You've come to the right place!

In recent years, most companies have been looking to reinvent the way they work and transform the collaborative experience to make it more enjoyable and productive. In particular by implementing an effective collaboration platform.

We at talkspirit thought it would be interesting to give you pointers to help you choose.

Here are 13 of the best collaboration platforms (March 2020 edition)

  • 1) Talkspirit
  • 2) Workplace
  • 3) Slack
  • 4) Teams
  • 5) Jamespot
  • 6) Wimi
  • 7) Gladys
  • 8) Azendoo
  • 9) LumApps
  • 10) WhatsApp
  • 11) Confluence
  • 12)
  • 13) Happeo

Discover each of these solutions and see which one will best help your team meet the challenges of collaborative work in the digital age.

1) Talkspirit

A complete platform to make more fluid communication and collaborative work on a daily basis in the company.

Talkspirit interface

Source image : Talkspirit

talkspirit is a collaborative platform 100% made in France for companies (mainly SMEs and ETIs) but also for associations and administrations. It relies on modern social and collaborative functionalities (chat, videoconferencing, groups/communities, chatbots, etc.) to improve the flow of information internally and make working together more pleasant and productive. Clients : Gîtes de France, Infotel, Squad, Groupe Foncia, DHL Express, Eckès Granini, …

Key Features :

  • complete “all-in-one” platform
  • easy handling; ergonomics redesigned in early 2020
  • centralization of internal resources (directory, organization chart, documents,...)
  • multi-domain accessibility, and even without e-mail, to bring together ALL your employees
  • access for your partners, service providers and customers
  • responsive customer service & user support (FR and EN) 7/7
  • available in 8 languages
  • GDPR : EU-hosted data (at OVHcloud)

Limits / disadvantages :

  • Absence of a specific project management module

Price: from 4€ / month per user. Preferential conditions for associations. Free trial (30 days). Possibility of personalized demo.

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2) Workplace

Connect everyone in your organization and simplify communication between teams.

Talkspirit - Workplace interface

Source image : Workplace

Workplace is an online collaboration platform that uses some of the same features as talkspirit to help companies work on a daily basis, with a stronger focus on communication between teams. With Workplace, communicate simply within your company thanks to a familiar and intuitive interface. Intended more for large groups (>20,000 employees).

Key Features :

  • a familiar user experience
  • automatic translation in 46 languages.
  • can connect all collaborators, including blue-collar workers

Limits / disadvantages :

  • accessibility of customer support
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act *

Price: from 4$ / month per user. Free version and 30-day free trial for the premium version.

3) Slack

Collaboration application that replaces your email for greater productivity.


Source image : Slack

Slack is a collaborative work platform that brings together the right people, the right information and the right tools to carry out projects. Unlike talkspirit, Slack is a platform that is particularly oriented towards instant messaging, in pairs or in groups. A simple and pleasant tool that centralizes communication flows and interfaces with numerous collaborative tools.

Key Features :

  • instant messaging
  • reference on the market, especially within the teams of developers
  • organization and storage of documents
  • numerous integrations of business tools
  • intelligent and intuitive content search

Limits / disadvantages :

  • continuous notifications
  • high pricing
  • application designed especially for start-ups

Price: from €6.25/month per user, with a free version.

4) Teams

The secure collaborative solution integrated with the Office365 suite.


Source image : Teams

Microsoft Teams is Office 365's secure collaborative platform that facilitates teamwork via Skype video conferencing and instant messaging. A tool for easy, secure collaboration with your colleagues.

Key Features :

  • access to Office 365 tools/software
  • ability to connect a multitude of Microsoft devices.
  • secure access.
  • very chatOps & teamwork oriented.

Limits / disadvantages :

  • access to limited internal resources (no directory or organization chart)
  • no access without email possible
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act
  • high pricing

Price: starting at $10/month per user, with a free version and a 30-day free trial of the premium version.

5) Jamespot

To unleash the collaborative potential and collective intelligence of your employees!

Jamespot Interface

Source image : Jamespot

Jamespot is collaboration software that helps boost team productivity by promoting and simplifying the sharing of information and knowledge to make project management more agile on a daily basis.

Key Features :

  • Out-of-the-box customizable platform
  • modular, with many downloadable internal applications (this can also be a disadvantage)
  • ability to set up customized workflows
  • publishing, hosting and customer service 100% French

Limits / disadvantages :

  • need to download the modules in order to use some functionalities
  • technical support necessary to take full advantage of the platform's flexibility.
  • analytical function to be developed

Price: from 5€ / month and per user, with a free 30-day trial of the premium version.


The software for simple and efficient project management!

Talkspirit - Wimi interface

Wimi is the project management solution that unites employees around essential tools to increase productivity such as: videoconferencing, chat, document sharing or a Gantt chart.

Key Features :

  • Fine management of access rights
  • all-in-one project management solution
  • extended safety (WIMI armored)
  • free and unlimited guest invitations

Limits / disadvantages :

  • no news feed
  • access limit to internal resources (directory, organization chart...)
  • limited storage from 10 GB to 500 GB, depending on the chosen plan
  • high pricing
  • a collaborative tool, not well suited to sharing information on a day-to-day basis

Price: from 15€ / month and per user, with a free 14-day trial period.

7) Gladys

An all-in-one digital environment for easy collaboration and innovation


Gladys is the all-in-one solution to boost innovation within teams. The software brings together all the tools needed to collaborate in one place: task management, planning, idea gathering or shared intelligence.

Key Features :

  • software that fosters collaborative innovation and project management
  • playful use and relevant presentation
  • Simple and easy to use interface

Limits / disadvantages :

  • not designed to facilitate the flow of information and conversation
  • no organization chart or reporting system

Price: from 8€ / month and per user, with a free version and a 30-day free trial of the premium version.

8) Azendoo

Platform that centralizes the work, to manage your daily tasks, as a team.


Azendoo is an application that simplifies the management of roles and tasks, and centralizes teamwork within a single tool. Manage your projects and tasks, share your documents and synchronize them with your team.

Key Features :

  • advanced performance analysis and statistics
  • multitude of functionalities for the management of daily tasks
  • agile method
  • access with or without e-mail

Limits / disadvantages :

  • absence of videoconferencing
  • short free trial period (14 days)

Price: from €6.67/month per user, and a 14-day free trial of the Premium version

9) LumApps

A social and accessible intranet solution that facilitates the integration of your Gsuite and Office365 tools.


Source image : LumApps

LumApps is a platform for all your internal and external communications. A holistic social and collaborative intranet that integrates with your business tools and applications (including the Microsoft and Google suite of tools).

Key Features :

  • available in 15 languages
  • officially approved by Google

Limits / disadvantages :

  • no free trial available, pricing mainly on estimate
  • more oriented towards project management and knowledge management than collaboration

Price: only on quotation

10) WhatsApp

The free application for 2 billion users, to exchange instant messages with several people.


WhatsApp is free, available on Android and iOS, and offers the ability to send messages and make calls anywhere in the world simply, quickly, and securely. Primarily indicated for micro businesses, but not recommended for larger companies.

Key Features :

  • strong brand awareness
  • 100% free of charge
  • fast, simple and secure communication
  • accessible worldwide
  • Business WhatsApp API (customer support & notifications) for enterprises

Limits / disadvantages :

  • lack of features dedicated to collaboration
  • focused mainly on instant messaging
  • limited computer access
  • lack of integration with business tools (therefore risk of loss of control over your data and loss of business data)
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act *

Price: free

11) Confluence

The tailor-made team workspace


Source image : Confluence

Confluence is a collaborative solution for creating content and structured layouts. You can also react live and collaborate anywhere, thanks to the use of the mobile application.

Key Features :

  • Numerous features for the online content creation part
  • project management oriented, team work space
  • ease of use
  • integration with other Atlassian tools
  • technical robustness
  • very active community (500 plugins)

Limits / disadvantages :

  • few features for team communication and conversation
  • social aspect not sufficiently emphasized
  • need training to use the platform
  • short duration of the free trial (7 days)

Price: starting at $5/month per user, with a free version and a 7-day free trial.

12) Rocket.Chat

Your simplified communication, through a team chat.

Rocket Chat

Source image : Rocket.Chat

Like Slack, Rocket.Chat is mainly an instant messenger. Control your communication, manage your data and have your own collaboration tool to improve your team's productivity. The tool replaces email and improves the way you communicate.

Key Features :

  • attractive pricing
  • self-hosting
  • custom emojis
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design/UX
  • multi-application integration

Limits / disadvantages :

  • mobile application not very functional
  • mainly focused on instant messaging
  • exclusively usable in English (not available in French)

Price: from 3$ / month and per user with a free version.

13) Happeo

The multilingual intranet for your company.


Source image : Happeo

Happeo is a digital workspace and social intranet solution for G-Drive. The perfect mix between a corporate social network and a collaboration platform, with the presence of an integrated chat, a news feed or a quick access to shared documents.

Key Features :

  • Google Cloud partner (integration of all Gsuite tools: Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive)
  • Slack integration
  • centralization of other productivity tools (directory, page editors, channels...)
  • certifications: ISO 27001 & RGPD
  • tool dedicated to social collaboration secure platform
  • data hosted in Europe (Finland & Netherlands)

Limits / disadvantages :

  • no access to or integration with Office365 software or other collaborative tools
  • lack of collaboration features
  • poor ergonomics

Price: only on quotation

"*CloudAct: US federal law on personal data surveillance, adopted in 2018, which obliges US service providers to provide the federal authorities, upon request, with all stored data; regardless of the location of the servers (even EU)" Source: Wikipedia "

Now, it’s your turn ! As we have seen, all platforms are different, both functionnaly et aesthetically, as well as ergonomically. Choose the one that will help your employee as much as possible. Many of these platforms offers demo, so don’t hesitate !

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